Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan this morning lashed out at sports bulletin reporter, Sean Fletcher in light of Leicester City’s triumph in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday night.

The ITV anchor and former newspaper editor, 51, began ranting at ‘Spurs fan Fletcher over how Leicester City sacked their manager less than a year after winning the English Premier League. Whereas his team Arsenal have retained their manager more than 13 years after last winning the coveted league trophy. [Scroll down for Video]

Fletcher began the conversation saying: “Just goes to show he [Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha] was right to sack [Claudio] Ranieri,”

Morgan raged in reply, thinking that Sean is a Leicester City fan: “Well you’re keen to sack Ranieri ten months after you won the Premier League and yet you want Arsène Wenger to keep his job, thirteen years after he last won the Premier League.

Piers Morgan lashes out at Sean Fletcher | ITV

And may I also point out to those who wonder why I want a new manager at Arsenal, Leicester City just reached the quarter-final of the Champions League,”

He continued his tirade: “Arsenal have qualified for it every year, but haven’t reached that stage for eight years and I think Leicester have about a tenth of the money of Arsenal?

“Yeah I think I’m right? Yeah.”

Sean laughs and responds, visibly loving the fact he’s got a reaction, with: “I love it when you take the bait.”

At that moment, co-host Susanna Reid interjects and moves the show on to chat with Fearne Cotton, who is standing in for Lorraine Kelly. But that didn’t stop Piers continuing his rage as he is told via ear-piece that Sean Fletcher is in-fact a ‘Spurs fan and not a Leicester City fan. He screams: “Oh he’s a ‘Spurs fan”!

Following the on-camera rant, Piers can be seen mimicking an attack on Fletcher whilst raging: “First let’s get the news, travel and weather where you are, whilst I quietly annihilate Sean”.

Seeing the funny side, Sean took to twitter and responded to fans sending their support. Benjy Riehl wrote: Keep sticking it to Piers Morgan! You’re doing great! Let’s hop he gets manners and let’s you have your say”, to which Sean replied: “It’s my duty as a ‘Spurs fan”

Take a look at the videos below for the full exchange.

Good Morning Britain continues Thursday morning at 6am on ITV 1 and ITV 1 HD.