Furious pointless contestant falls out with friend, after she gives the show’s worst ever answer

Pointless is a very popular and challenging gameshow on BBC One. The show airs weekdays at 5:15pm and is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.

During this particular episode, Sarah, who informed us she studied Geography at A-Level, is asked to name a country ending with two consonants. Upon struggling to find an answer, she says Paris. Her team mate and friend, Mariam makes it abundantly clear what she thinks of Sarah’s lack of knowledge.

Mariam can be seen visibly disgusted in Sarah’s poor performance and rolls her eyes. Sarah chooses Paris for her answer, which Mariam knows instantly is incorrect and her reaction is television gold. Watch the clip below and see Mariam’s full reaction.

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Pointless contestant and former Geography student, Sarah answers “Countries that end with two consonants”, with Paris. Her team mate and friend Mariam reacts angrily by rolling her eyes and looking away.

Paris is a city in France, not a country, but that didn’t stop host Alexander Armstrong from consoling Sarah over her choice.

He says:

“Don’t worry, don’t worry at all, I mean really don’t worry.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there aren’t several 100 scorers in this round.”

Armstrong could be seen holding his laughter at the awful answer, but did his very best to remain professional. The other contestant all answered correctly, leaving Sarah red-faced.

Social Media reacted

Viewers took to social media to air their comments and make jokes based on Sarah’s answer. It’s safe to say many people spotted Mariam’s reaction.

Basil Creese Jr wrote on Twitter: “Mariam and Sarah getting knocked out in the first round on pointless. One is them saw it coming…”

Another user added: “Did anyone check Sarah got home safely? Mariam had murder in her eyes”

@GSWooster commented: “I hope Sarah doesn’t suggest watching ‘Casablanca'”


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