Pointless | BBC

Fans of Pointless were in uproar after a contestant was awarded a score after giving an incorrect answer.

The popular BBC One quiz show was looking for pointless answers ending with the letters “em”. Hopeful father-and-son Adrian and Max offered up the word “reem”, believing it to be the word for a large quantity of paper.

Pointless contestant Adrian said: “I’m going to go for reem, as in reem of paper.”

Looking bemused, host Alexander Armstrong said: “Okay, reem, let’s see how many of our 100 people said reem. Is reem right though?”

The answer proved correct and Armstrong announced: “It is right. Six for reem,” before awarding the pair points for their answer.

Quiz brain Richard Osman was quick to spot the blunder and noted the fact that “reem of paper” is actually spelled “ream of paper”.

Osman explained: “It’s not a reem of paper. That’s actually spelt differently. But there is reem as you well know a large kid of ox, a horned ox character often mentioned in Hebrew literature.”

Embarrassed by his spelling mistake, the contestant joked: “I make them out of paper mache, that’s why.”


Viewers instantly took to social media to contact show bosses over the error.

One viewer tweeted: “‘Reem as in reem of paper’. ‘Correct.’ wtf? #pointless.”

“They should not be allowed that if those points. Essentially got completely muddled between ream and reem #Pointless,” posted another.

A third added: “Hang on a cotton-picking minute, should you get the points if you mis-spell the word you thought it was…? #jammy #pointless.”

Pointless continues on BBC One at 5:15pm