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It’s time for a little mighty morphin’ nostalgia today as the cast of the original hit 90s TV show reunited at the premier of this year’s big screen re-boot.

The original Power Rangers posed in their classic Mighty Morphin’ stance at the premier in Los Angeles.

Austin St John (Jason Lee Scott, Red Ranger), Walter Jones (Zack Taylor, Black Ranger), Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger), and David Yost (Billy Cranston, Blue Ranger) stood side-by-side for the classic shot, which unfortunately left out Amy Jo Johnson’s Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart.

See what the Pink Power Ranger is upto/looks like now (she’s still hot!)

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However, not all of the original cast members were able to be there, due to the tragedy that has befallen the alumni of the 90s hit over the years, which we have covered before.

The new film has been universally applauded for its progressive plotting as it brings the first LGBT superhero to the big screen, as well as a main character that is depicted as being autistic.

Original Blue Ranger Yost praised the film for making these inclusive steps, especially after he had to quit the show following homophobic bullying.

Hopefully this move will suffer less of the ridiculous sort of backlash that recent the Beauty and the Beast live action remake was subjected to for portraying Lefou, Gaston’s sidekick as being gay.

All that aside, the new film stars Elizabeth Banks as the classic villain Rita Repulsa, while Zordon is portrayed by Bryan Cranson’s head.

Elsewhere the new movie sees Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, RJ Cyler as the Blue Ranger, Becky G as the Yellow Ranger, and Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger.

Power Rangers will hit cinemas on March 24th.