mighty morphin' power rangers original cast members
mighty morphin' power rangers original cast members

This has to be the saddest ‘Where Are They Now’ you will ever read. The curse of Power Rangers.

Power Rangers is set to return, in movie format on March 24, 2017. So we thought we’d look for the original cast of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and write a where are they now, to bring back some wonderful memories for our 90’s readers. It’s Morphin’ Time…

But my excitement for writing this article ended right there. Upon researching the actors who played the spandex-costumed superheroes – as well as those in other main and supporting roles – I discovered something rather disturbing…

I discovered a very strange phenomenon from which many of the former-characters suffered. It began when researching the five original Rangers, Jason, Trini, Kimberly, Billy and Zack. Read on and discover the horrifying curse of Power Rangers

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