Can you name the Premier League manager from their Merlin Sticker?

There were some legendary managers in the Premier League in the 90s as well as some not so legendary managers. In this test there are 20 pictures of Merlin stickers, but how familiar are the faces? This test starts of nice and easy but it will get more challenging as you progress.

There are four questions per page. The page automatically reloads.

Good luck and use the social media buttons at the end to share and challenge your friends when you are done to see if they can do as well as you.

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Before you start, take a look at these five Premier League facts you never knew about:

1) Man Utd have never lost a game at Old Trafford in a game where they have been winning at half time.

2) Alan Shearer has missed the most penalties (11). Then again, he has scored the most as well (56).

3) Goalkeeper Paul Robinson has scored assisted and won a penalty as well as having the highest amount of assists than any other goalkeeper (5)

4) Darius Vassell has a record of scoring in 46 different Premier League games and did not lose in any of them!

5) The Premier League began in August 1992. Only three players who were born after this date have scored Premier League hat-tricks: Sterling, Kane and Lukaku.