The evolution of Gaming is so rapid we can sometimes forget how much graphics have improved over the years. We have put together 10 classic PlayStation games as they appeared on the PS1 in a ‘then and now’ style.

Grand Theft Auto


The original game was a lot of fun. The birdseye view meant the graphics were limited but just driving around killing as many people as possible was all that mattered. However, no one can deny the development of GTA series has been fantastic.




I was crap at this game but and just used to bash the buttons. Still loved it though – a fighting classic. The latest version, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a pretty good game but looks 100% impressive that’s for sure.

Tomb Raider


Remember when Lara had really big pointy knockers?

Need For Speed


There’s a Need For Speed film! They should have kept it just as a video game though  – great series.

Metal Gear Solid


My favourite PS1 game I think, or it might Final Fantasy VII…just can’t choose between the two. Anyways, the latest version, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is absolutely quality as well as being a sight to behold.

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