We all appreciate how much graphics have evolved since we first played our PS1 in the 90s all the way up until now on our slick PS4’s. The odd thing is that we may not really be able to perceive how much has changed unless it is put directly in front of us. I found a great perspective through Shirrako’s video of Gran Turismo games on the different PlayStation consoles.

The games are as follows:

PS1 – Gran Turismo 2
PS2 – Gran Turismo 4
PS3 – Gran Turismo 6 (GT Academy 2013 Demo)

There are some interesting views on the video, Husky Busky said “is it me… or ps2 graphics looks better than ps3?” 

Exile Flaw commented: “Graphics or not, PS1 Easily beat any console there is today. It introduced 3D Games that were considered playable to the world, It was the first console that had the first ever survival horror game on it (Resident Evil) and besides near enough every single game was fun to play, so Idk how people can say it sucks. But I could argue that ps2 was the best console aswell because you could play ps1 and ps2 games on it, but without PS1 I highly doubt a few consoles that are out today wouldn’t have been released.”

What do you think?