If you are of a certain age, then you’ll remember the Aussie children’s TV show Pugwall, which was on our screens from 1989 to 1991.

The show revolved around five characters: Jenny, Bazza, Orfo, Stringbean and Pugwall, as they formed a band called The Orange Organics. The show followed Pugwall as he navigated the tricky waters of youth, full of trials and tribulations as he goes about his family life. The show also followed the band on their journey to try and secure a record deal.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Pugwall: a typical teenage boy trying to make it big with his friends and finding fame and fortune. The name Pugwall derives from his initials, with his full name being Peter Unwin George Wall, and following the success of the show in Australia as well as further afield, the actor behind Pugwall, Jason Torrens, seemed to have everything set up for him going forward.

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After Pugwall and the second series entitled Pugwall’s Summer, ended in 1991, Torrens went on to play Duncan in Newlyweds in 1993. After that, he had his obligatory turn in Neighbours, a stepping stone for every Australian actor, when he starred as Dillon Renshaw in 1996.

However Torrens’ true passion lay in more of a musical direction. After 1996, he left acting all together to become a musician. He was the founding member of The Reefers – a band that moulded a surfer sound with Middle Eastern twists, which was a combination that the band describe as being “like Hank Marvin on acid.”

After that, he formed the Melbourne based heavy rock band Bugdust, for which he plays the drums and with whom he still plays.

Jason Torrens looks very different now than he did as the fresh faced guitarist for The Orange Organics, but one thread has run through his life, which is the threat of music!

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