Maria Doyle Kennedy – Marie

C4/United Agents

Maria played Marie, the sister of Stuart in Queer as Folk. Since her role on the show, she has gone on to have great success with both acting and singing.

Her most notable role is one she currently hold, which is as Siobhán Sadler in Orphan Black – a role she has held since 2013.

The actress has also made it onto the big screen, with roles in Jupiter Ascending and The Conjuring 2.

Peter O’Brien – Cameron

C4/Huffington Post

Australian actor O’Brien rose to fame in Neighbours, a popular Aussie soap which has been running for many many years.

Peter played Cameron, an accountant who became sexually involved with Vince in Queer as Folk.

Since his role in the show, O’Brien has appeared in a handful of other TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Doctor Who and Casualty. He has also appeared on the big screen, performing in the Marvel film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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