Charlie Hunnam – Nathan

C4/King Arthur

Charlie began his acting career in Byker Grove, before landing the role of Nathan as a fifteen year old in Queer as Folk.

Since his role he has gone on to have huge success, cracking America and breaking into Hollywood in the 2010’s after a handful of movie appearances in the 2000’s.

His big Hollywood break came as lead in 2013’s Pacific Rim before landing the lead role in 2017’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Charlie has also played a main part in Son’s of Anarchy from 2008 through 2014.

Aidan Gillen – Stuart


Aidan Gillen played Stuart in Queer as Folk, the main lead character the series follows.

Queer as Folk wasn’t Gillen’s first role, nor was it his last. In fact the actor has appeared in more productions than we could possibly hope to list. His most notable and recognisable began in 2011 when he joined HBO’s Game of Thrones as Little Finger – a role he still plays today.

Other roles include a four-year stint in The Wire, a main role in Identity and also as Bill in 2017’s King Arther: Legend of the Sword – alongside co-star Charlie Hunnam.