Peter Kay | Channel 4
Peter Kay | Channel 4

Peter Kay made an appearance on a comedy sketch show called Barking in 1998, which not many people will remember ever seeing

Barking was a late-night sketch comedy show broadcast on Channel 4. The show starred Mackenzie Crook, David Walliams, Omid Djalili, Peter Kay, Dave Lamb, Rhys Thomas, Catherine Tate and Marcus Brigstocke.

The premise of the show was to promote up-and-coming talent and show them off in the hope they can prove a success in the future – similar to what the BBC’s Live at the Apollo show does today.

Bolton comic Peter Kay made an appearance on the show, knocking on the front door of his exes house, whilst wearing a beanie and unfamiliarly smoking a cigarette.

The comedian, famous for his situational comedy and observational skills, as well as his incredible stand up gags appeared dressed as a painter and decorator ready to collect his daughter for a day out.

Peter Kay | Channel 4

Venturing into the living room he began reminiscing of ‘old times’ he and his ex shared, noticing all of the changes that had been made by her new partner – who his child refers to as dad.

A brilliant array of situational comedic gags spew out of the funnyman’s mouth, paving the way for his illustrious career in comedy and TV.

Peter Kay | Channel 4

This isn’t the first rare clip of Peter that has emerged and been publicised by It’s Gone Viral. Earlier this year we sourced a clip of Kay performing at the Comedy Store during the 90s as well as unearthing his first appearance of The Sunday Show.

Take a look at the video clip below as Peter Kay entertains us all, before he became world famous and brought us delights such as Phoenix Nights, Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere and of course, the well-loved Car Share.