You will remember Neil Buchanan as the guy who encouraged children of the 90s’ to appreciate art. He was that enthusiastic presenter of the CITV’s Art Attack and you will no doubt be able to recall his colourful sweatshirts as well as his artistic creativity.

Your perception of Neil may be about to alter slightly however. The former presenter has in fact been involved in rock music for several years and he has recently reformed with the group, Marseille.

Neil in his Art Attack days

Neil Buchanan is clearly a man of many talents. He stopped showing us artistic creations (that no kid ever replicated) in 2007 when CITV finished. He is now blatantly having the time of his life encouraging a different generation to mosh and head bang instead.

We have found pictures of him performing in his band recently and he looks incredibly different! Check him rocking out at the Garage in Glasgow. Could you ever envisage seeing him in such a manner?

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