It’s been eighteen years since Fun House came to an end. Dressed in identical yellow and red cheerleading outfits, the Fun House twins would wave their pom-poms throughout the show whilst accompanying host, Pat Sharp.

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Melanie and Martina Grant were just sixteen when they first appeared on the CITV gameshow in 1989. You may remember that the aim of the game would be for two teams would go head-to-head, in the opportunity to make it to the final game in the fun house. Melanie would support the red team and Martina would mascot the yellow team.

Now at 43 years old, the duo are both mums and still make a career out of their Fun House days by making appearances at parties and events, alongside co-star Pat Sharp.

Speaking to the Mail Online about the show making a return, Martina said “‘All three of us would be happy to do a new show. There’d be a lot of health and safety issues to work out with the kids and the gunge, but it could be done.’

Sharp, now 55, also commented on the TV return: “I’ve been doing corporate events with the twins since the mid-Nineties and when we were approached to do a version for families as opposed to just children it sounded like a good idea.”

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