If you were a child growing up in the 90’s, you’re bound to remember the classic TV show Maid Marian and Her Merry Men!

Even more so, you may remember the familiar face of Kate Lonergan who played the lead role of Maid Marian between 1989-1994.

Want to know what she is up to now?

Kate Lonergan has ditched acting career and has decided to take up gardening. She now runs her own company titled ‘The Blackheath Windowbox Company’ in London, which she set up back in March 2011.

Although you may be confused by her sudden change in career, Kate admitted that in order to fund herself as an actress, she would take on part-time gardening work as it has been a passion she’s had for her whole life.

Discussing whether she would be returning to acting, Lonergan said she had got “all she wanted to get from it” and has no further acting plans.

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Classing her small company as “bespoke containerised gardening company”, she told The Wharf:

“Running your own business is a bit like acting. You’re your own boss and you have to find work.

“I really do enjoy the creative part of it, although I’m still learning the numbers part of the job.”