Those who were devoted fans to Hollyoaks may remember troubled teen Newt – the foster kid of Frankie and Jack Osborne. Sporting the all-black outfits, lip ring and thick black eyeliner, Newt had a unique fashion sense that really stood out on the popular soap.

Nowadays, you wouldn’t even recognise the actor who played him – Nico Mirallegro. It seems the Hollyoaks star has ditched his casual gothic kid look to become a fully-fledged actor with a slick and trendy style.

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Nico left the soap in 2010, after having picked up two Soap Award nominations for his impressive performances.

One of his first roles after quitting Hollyoaks was in the hilarious sitcom My Mad Fat Diary –  where he played the lead role, Finn. This popular show hit screens in 2013. It turned out to be a success, surprisingly, and he once claimed – “When we were making it, we had no idea how much people were going to like it”.

In the same year, he played a role in the BBC drama – The Village.

Nowadays, he is a BAFTA award winning actor, with a wide range of credits in TV, film, theatre and radio drama.  He has been noted as one of the UK’s “most promising young actors”.

Not only has he become well established in his acting talents, but has also gained a name for himself in charity work. If you’re a footie fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Nico plays celebrity football matches for Help for Heroes and Once Upon a Smile.

His latest credits in 2016 were films which included The Pass, Cardboard Boy and The Habit of Beauty.

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