Round the Twist

Round the Twist ended more than 15 years ago: What do the cast look like now?

Round the Twist is an Australian children’s fantasy television series about three children and their widowed father, who live in a lighthouse and become involved in many bizarre magical adventures.

Only four series were made despite the show having an 11-year run. The first two series were based on fantasy stories. The latter two were based on a variety of authors’ work. Round the Twist’s first series was produced in 1989. The second series came in 1992, with many roles re-cast. A third series, again re-cast, was made in 2000, followed by a fourth (with some roles again re-cast) in 2001.

Here we are going to look at a handful of the characters, who fans loved, and see what they look like nowadays.

Richard E Young (James Gribble)

The second James Gribble has acted steadily since the show wrapped, landing roles in Blue Heelers, All Saints and the 2010 movie Red Hill.

Most recently, he appeared in Australian drama, Tomorrow, When the War Began.

Cameron Nugent (Tiger Gleeson)

Cameron has also popped up in the familiar titles of Blue Heelers and The Genie from Down Under 2, but he has also held roles in cop show, City Homicide. His most recent role came in 2013, alongside Carla Bonner in The House Cleaner.

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