There are plenty of music artists who can be described as ‘one hit wonders’, and Whigfield certainly falls into that category, having achieved huge success with her single ‘Saturday Night’ in 1994.

The incredibly catchy/annoying pop tune reached number one in six different countries, including the UK, as it got people all over the country on the dance floor doing that ridiculous dance routine.

The Danish born singer, real name Sannie Charlotte Carlson, went on to release a few other singles but none had quite the same impact, so you would be forgiven for completely forgetting her. However, it turns out that 23 years on she is still making music.

Now 46, she has ditched the stage name Whigfield (a tribute to her piano teacher) and is simply known as ‘Sannie’. She lives in London, and last year released two tracks, entitled ‘How Long’ and ‘In The Morning’. She doesn’t get recognised much anymore, despite her appearance not actually changing that much since the release of ‘Saturday Night’.

“If you are a musician you don’t really start making music because you want fame,” she told Irish entertainment network RTE TEN in 2015.

“You want acknowledgement but you don’t want to be recognised on the street.

“Going into a supermarket and having people stare at you, or going through an airport it’s not really that funny.”

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