Did you notice Ellen’s second baby in The Replacement?

Please note this article contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched the finale yet and no not want to know the ending, do not read on.

Psychological thriller The Replacement had viewers on the edge of their seats as the backstory behind villain, Paula Reece was unveiled.

Fans were left relieved as cops finally caught Paula after she had abducted Ellen’s baby.

In a scene set two years after the abduction, Ellen can be seen with her two year old daughter, Lia, as she sat by dead friend Kay’s grave.

David, Kay’s widower is seen watching her in the background as she reads the child a story.

Is that a baby in her arms or a teddy bear? | BBC

Whilst the camera pans away from the happy scene, some fans were convinced that they could see a second child in Ellen’s arms. Leading to huge speculation online.

One social media user wrote: “Did she have another baby on her lap? So confused…”

Take a closer look at the clip below. Did you spot it?

Another added: “Just watched ending back twice. Did I see a baby boy as well as Lia? Were both kids David’s?”

A third said: “In The Replacement was Ellen holding another baby at the very end of it when she was reading the book?”

Some viewers claimed that it was just a teddy bear resting against Ellen’s knee, but given the psychological nature of the show, anything is possible.

One said: “Thought Ellen had 2 kids on her lap at the end until bf pointed out that the one that wasn’t Lia was a stuffed toy.”

Another added: “For anyone else confused by the random extra baby at the end of The Replacement, I just rewound and it’s actually just a large teddy bear.”

The show ended in disappointment for many fans who thought the final ten minutes felt rushed and thrown together.

It’s Gone Viral have contacted the BBC for confirmation on the scene.