Steve Jones, father of Rhys Jones has praised ITV for its accurate portrayal of his son’s murder in the drama, Little Boy Blue.

He claimed that the show got it “just right”, as he discussed how close to the truth the scenes were portrayed. He also said that the arrogance played by the actors of the of the teenage suspects was “amazing”.

Jones then went on to discuss what the makers of the series missed out during the 4 week-long series:

“The producer Jeff Pope only had four hours for his drama, so some things didn’t make the final version – you could have done a separate series on the trial and the courtroom itself.

Little Boy Blue didn’t deal with the finding of the bike [ridden by Sean Mercer when he shot Rhys outside the Fir Tree pub], or cover the involvement of Gary Kays and Melvin Coy [who helped the 16-year-old killer dispose of crucial evidence] in helping to cover Mercer’s tracks.”

Talking of the final heart-breaking court room scene which ended the series, Jones stated that they “didn’t glorify anything”.

Sean Mercer was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder for 11 year-old Rhys, serving a minimum of 22 years behind bars.