Richard Curtis swears on The One Show | BBC
Richard Curtis swears on The One Show | BBC

The One Show shocked as Richard Curtis SWEARS in awkward LIVE gaffe

Viewers were outraged last night, after Richard Curtis, who appeared as a guest on BBC’s The One Show used an expletive before the 9pm watershed. [Scroll down for video]

The Love Actually director, 60, appeared on the tea-time show to promote Red Nose Day 2017, alongside comedian Lenny Henry, 58.

The blunder came about when the writer of Vicar of Dibley was shown a clip of a man, who was also named Richard Curtis.

Curtis then exclaimed: “Whenever I Google myself that b****** comes up!”

The studio audience laughed hysterically, whilst presenters Matt Baker and Michelle Ackerley calmed proceedings.

Matt quickly jumped in to explain: “Family show. It’s a family show.”

Mortified, Mr. Curtis apologised, saying: “No swearing! I’m so so sorry!”

Fellow guest Lenny found the whole debacle very funny and began to playfully whack Richard over the head.

Some viewers showed outrage at the blunder. “Disgraceful. He deliberately said that. How can you forget you’re on LIVE TV”, one fumed.

Another commented: “That was hysterical when Richard Curtis lost it ! well held together, I would have corpsed it was just so natural made my day.”

A third joined in with: “Ric Curtis calling someone a b****** live on air. Brilliant.”

“Hahaha Richrd Curtis dropping swear bombs on #theoneshow – then going beetroot,” someone else laughed.

BBC’s The One Show broadcasts at 7pm weekdays.