Robbie Williams takes on Liam Gallagher at the Brit Awards

With the Brit Awards just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look back at some classic moments in Brit Award history.

Robbie Williams has a history of antagonising the Gallagher brothers, with the Brit Awards taunt being up there with the best of.

The former Take That singer stood on the podium after accepting an award and use his acceptance speech to call out Liam Gallagher, asking “Would anybody like to see me fight Liam?

“Would you pay to come and see it?

Liam, 100 grand of your money, hundred grand of my money and we’ll have a fight and you can all watch it on TV. What do you think about that?” 

Liam Gallagher wasn’t in the country during the Brit Awards, but later in the year both men were in attendance at the Q Awards, where Liam responded to Robbie’s offer.

Gallager accepted his Q award and then offered it to Mr Williams. He said: “This one’s for Robbie as usual – he stands for the letter Q.”

Elaborating afterwards, Liam explained: “He deserved the Q Award – for queer”.

Following this, he answered questions outside the ceremony, Gallagher, 28, said: “I’ve heard he’s been mouthing off about me when I’m not around, but when he’s sitting in the same room he shuts his mouth. It just goes to show who is the soft lad.”

He added: “I don’t dislike him, I don’t hate him, I just think he’s rubbish.

“If he slags my band off, he slags my girlfriend and he slags my brother off, I’ll have him.”

It’s safe to say the fight didn’t go ahead and, upon Liam’s response, Robbie left the Q Awards early.

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