Watch: Phillip Schofield Stops Presenting Duties to Play with a Little Boy Live on Air

This Morning viewers were left in hysterics after Phillip Schofield retired from interviewing duties to instead show a little boy the boats outside of the ITV studios.

Havoc was on the horizon as Joshua, the little boy who heroically overcame a speech impediment to call 999 when his mother collapsed on the floor, bounded onto the This Morning sofa with a grin wider than the Grand Canyon. [Scroll down for video]

It wasn’t long before he leapt off the sofa to wonder in awe at the moving ships outside the window.

This four-year old plays by his own rules, because as soon as he saw the ships, he ignored the scheduled interview and clung to the windowsill saying “I want to see the boats!”

Inspired by Joshua’s spontaneity, the kind which only a four-year-old possesses, Phillip Schofield, 54, followed the boys lead and abandoned the interview to take part in one of the most heart-warming, feel-good moments in the history of This Morning.

As the moment played out, viewers at home praised the silver fox for his awe-inspiring affection.

“Can you stop making me cry I’m trying to do my make-up,” gasped one weepy viewer, as another sobbed: “Sat here in tears!!! Amazing Jacob, absolutely amazing, clever little boy!!!!”

One more said: “This is why I love Philip and holly! They are great with kids,” before this particular heart-wrenched fan enthused: “How cute is @Schofe with the little lad showing him the boats. Live TV and he doesn’t care he’s showing Jacob the boats.”

As if this show of unbridled compassion and warmth wasn’t enough, co-hosts Phillip and Holly Willoughby, 35, presented a special treat for the young man, which sent the audience at home into a completely different stratosphere of emotion.

Phillip asked Joshua if he liked tractors, chuckling with every word. Before the boy had a chance to respond, a huge toy digger appeared on the set and delighted Joshua even more than the boats had.