credit: The Sun

Sean Mercer, who was given a life sentence in 2007 for killing Rhys Jones, is reportedly going to sue the makers of ITV show Little Blue Boy.

The programme documents the struggles of the Jones family after 11-year-old Rhys was killed after getting caught in the crossfire of an attempted gang shooting in a car park in Croxteth, Liverpool, as well as Detective Superintendent Dave Kelly’s search for justice.

The mini-series has been engrossing for viewers due to the shocking and heartbreaking story. However, Mercer believes that it has made him look like  positively evil.

Mercer, now 26, is reportedly being protected by officers at Frankland Prison in County Durham and has moaned that the show is inaccurate.

A source told the Daily Star: “he [Mercer] thinks the show has made him look like the most evil man in Britain when he isn’t,” “He says one of the characters on TV doesn’t exist in real life.

“His mates inside reckon he should make the most of it and sue. Some say they know lawyers itching to take the case.”

At the beginning of Little Boy Blue, it states that the show is based on true events, however, some aspects have been altered to heighten the drama.

In 2007, after the huge Everton fan Rhys had been training with Fir Tree Boys football club, he passed through the car park of the Fir Tree pub, where Mercer fired three shots.

One of the shots entered through the 11-year-old’s back, exiting through his neck.

When the show’s first episode aired, Mercer began to only eat tinned food in prison, as he feared the perception of him would lead to inmates attempting to kill him.

“He already thinks it’s unfair this show has made him notorious,” a source told the Daily Star. “He’s started to hardly touch his food now because he’s not sure what’s in it.

“It could be as simple as spit or someone slipping in dead flies or rat droppings.

“Instead he’s buying a lot of stuff from the canteen list to make sure he gets some safe food.”

Fellow ‘Crocky Crew’ members James Yates, Dean Kelly, Nathan Quinn, Boy “M”, Gary Kays, and Melvin Coy were also arrested following Rhys’ death.

Mercer was sentenced to life in prison, and is currently serving the minimum sentence of 22 years. Yates and Kelly, who supplied the weapon, were sentenced to seven and four years receptively.

The last episode of Little Boy Blue aired last night (Monday 15th) on ITV at 9pm.