Shocking moment a football fan is floored into busy road by one punch

The violent scene came after a day of tension that reportedly saw pint glasses hurled at police and a pub evacuated as Plymouth Argyle played Exeter City

A football fan hits the floor after a single punch in the middle of a busy main road, following the derby match between Exeter City and Plymouth Argyle.

The attack was captured on camera as a group of hooligans brawled after Exeter lost 3-0 to Plymouth Argyle. [Scroll down for video]

The footage shows a young fan take a punch to the face and tumble to the floor – as an oncoming car slams to a halt. The car misses his head by a matter of inches, before the young man climbs to his feet.

The Plymouth Herald reports that eyewitnesses claim the ugly confrontation broke out between Exeter fans – in front of children and families after they left Argyle’s ground on Saturday.

The event came at the end of a day of ugly clashes between fans and police, as pint glasses were allegedly hurled at officers.

A red flare was burnt as Exeter supporters came face to face with police in the city centre. Reports also suggest that a Wetherspoon pub was evacuated.

Gail Cameron-Clarke posted on Facebook saying: “We got caught up in it. Sat having breakfast in Wetherspoons [sic] and suddenly they all came in Wetherspoons [sic].

“Was awful. Throwing pint glasses at the police inside the pub. We had my little nephew with us, didn’t finish breakfast, had to leave.

“Awful, don’t think they are fans, more like hooligans.”

Another commented added: “The police didn’t seem to be doing much, only one police man looked like he was getting his metal baton out. 

“Other families were not impressed – it’s a family pub – they shouldn’t be allowed in.”

Riot vans and dog handlers were also reportedly seen in the city.

One eyewitness said: “There was a massive police presence, four police officers on horses in the central reservation and a huge group of men walking towards the train station.

“There were around four riot vans and regular police cars and about 50 coppers outside of Henry J’s pub.”

Inspector Andy Mack, from Devon and Cornwall Police , said: “There is always a little bit of tension on derby days, but this is just standard operating procedure.”

The force has been unable to confirm how many arrests were made on the day.