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Britain's Got Talent | ITV

Britain’s Got Talent EXPOSED in shocking undercover Channel 4 documentary

The documentary reveals what goes on behind the scenes in explosive never before seen footage as Simon Brodkin goes undercover

Bosses at Britain’s Got Talent are holding their breath after Channel 4 announced a new documentary, which will air on Tuesday night at 10pm.

Simon Brodkin, better known as comedian Lee Nelson and fake-footballer Jason Bent has pulled off a series of undercover pranks, which have seen him arrested and dragged off by security over the years.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV simon brodkin exposed
Jason Bent is taken away from the England team by security at Luton Airport. | Credit: Stephen Pond/PA Wire.

These include, but are not limited to boarding the plane with the England football team, warming up with Manchester City at Everton, throwing fake bank notes over FIFA president Sepp Blatter and throwing Swastika balls at Donald Trump in Scotland.

Fake News Week

Now, the prankster has turned his attention to world famous music mogul, Simon Cowell as he looks to expose Britain’s got Talent.

The documentary forms part of Channel 4’s Fake News Week, which will examine ‘Fake News’ in a week-long season of programming this February. The Channel 4 website wrote that Fake News Week “gives an insight into the post-truth world. From the fakers peddling fiction as fact to professional blaggers stealing the headlines.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV simon brodkin exposed
Steven Goldblatt during his audition for Britain’s Got Talent | Channel 4

“It’s never been easier to make or make up the news. In a world where truth is compromised by popularity, determined by clicks, likes and shares, is anyone telling it like it is?”

In the film, Brodkin auditions undercover as an orthodox Jewish rapper and makes it through to see the judges in January 2016. He performed under the alias Steven Goldblatt, and was backstage for eight hours whilst secretly filming his audition.

Brodkin revealed how the shows producers coach and persuade those auditioning to say the ‘right things’ to judges, manipulate what the acts perform on stage and film fake scenes of celebration and despair, prior to the acts even being on stage.

Steven Goldbleen during his audition for Britain's Got Talent | Channel 4
Steven Goldbleen during his audition for Britain’s Got Talent | Channel 4

A spokesman for the show has hit back however, calling Brodkin a “fame-hungry fraud” and denied there is a manipulation of acts.

“Once backstage they asked me to look nervous, happy, frustrated, excited etc”

Brodkin explained: “This show sets itself up as a pure, simple, innocent talent show. I don’t think it’s that. It is contrived, manipulative and you don’t need to have talent.

“Shortly before I went in front of the judges I was advised what to say and how to present my act.

“A lot is recreated and manipulated. My arrival, registration and leaving were all staged. I was given direction as to how to act and they reshot each stage several times.

Simon Brodkin throws Nazi Swastika balls at Donald Trump
Simon Brodkin throws Swastika balls at Donald Trump

“Once backstage they asked me to look nervous, happy, frustrated, excited etc, filming as many emotions as possible so they have the building blocks to build their own narrative.”

In the documentary, ‘Steven’ travels to Manchester for an initial audition with producers, without the judges present, before being put through.

The documentary shows the process of changing Simon into Steven, using prosthetics and heavy make-up before the final audition in London, in front of the four judges.

Backstage secret-footage shows the ‘rapper’ repeatedly being asked the same question, in a bid to give the answer producers want to hear. He can also be seen posing with a flag, as if celebrating getting through. The footage however, if all filmed prior to going on stage.

Britain's Got Talent | ITV simon brodkin exposed
Britain’s Got Talent | ITV

Brodkin added: “I was taken to a separate shooting space where they got me to dance and then celebrate. The producers directed my dancing, asking me to spin, wave my flag around and be more energetic; egging me on throughout.”

When asked if he felt contestants were coached before they meet the judges, he said: “Yes, definitely. During TV interviews the production team coached me on several answers, getting me to rephrase them according to their suggestions.”

“That was great Steven, it makes you feel proud to be British”

When on stage, ‘Steven’ gave a c*ck and bull story of how he cared for his dad after his mum died. He then proceeds to rap about Britain, and why it is great, in the song titled ‘Red, White and Blue’.

He convinces the judges enough that they all vote yes and he proceeds to the next round.

Jason Bent (Simon Brodkin) is escorted off the field as Manchester City warm up versus Everton | Image: Ellis O'Brien
Jason Bent (Simon Brodkin) is escorted off the field as Manchester City warm up versus Everton | Image: Ellis O’Brien

After the audition, Simon Cowell says: “That was great Steven, it makes you feel proud to be British, it could be like the new National Anthem. I wouldn’t have imagined, Steven, that coming from you.

“You are a quiet little thing. But then when the song started, you turned into like 50 Cent.”

Amanda Holden then added: “It made me feel proud to be British and the lyrics meant a lot.”

However, before ‘Steven Goldblatt’ could perform at the next stage, an executive producer spotted that the rapper was in fact, Simon Brodkin and he was stopped from progressing to the live shows and asked to leave.

Simon Brodkin renames yacht BHS Destroyer
Brodkin renames yacht BHS Destroyer

Brodkin said: “Having very little talent certainly isn’t a barrier to success on BGT. Some careful box fixing and a decent sob story can get you a long way, as proven with Steven Goldblatt.”

The documentary also shows Brodkin pranking Simon Cowell’s close friend and billionaire, Sir Philip Green, renaming his £100million super yacht the BHS Destroyer.

We also see the footage that was captured when Donald Trump landed in Scotland and was greeted by a man (Brodkin) throwing Swastika balls at him.

Britain’s Greatest Hoaxer will broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 10pm. Watch the trailer below.

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