Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell unrecognisable as he chats about sex in unbelievable FIRST EVER TV appearance

It’s 1987 and Simon Cowell is 28 years of age. This appearance is believed to be his first ever on television.

Long before Simon Cowell fronted X Factor, the most popular music talent show ever created. He was debating on Channel 4 about Sex. The music mogul made an appearance on talk show, Right to Reply which is hosted by Gus MacDonald.

In the clip, a very ‘helium’ voiced Cowell can be heard airing his opinions. He even talked of how he thought the whole show was just a joke. Simon said:

“We actually thought the thing was a joke it was so bad and as we began to go through the show we realised that these people were actually being serious”.

He continued with his now trademark persona:

“If you’re going to talk about sex you might as well make it informative and at least interesting and when we showed a video to our friends everybody agreed it was one of the most boring videos we’d ever seen in our lives.

“Instead of encouraging people to talk about sex and talk about safe sex which is probably an important thing it probably encouraged a lot of people to either fall asleep or turn off.”

Social Media reacted to the video

YouTube users commented on the video, offering their opinions on Simon’s high-pitched voice.

JohnDoe wrote: “He sounds like simon on helium”

A few users referred to Simon’s persona being very camp.

Deer Viehch wrote: “young simon sounds like a gay teenager who just hit puberty”

Nikki King commented: “His personality is the exact same but his voice sounds a little camp lmfao. Thank god for balls dropping.”

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