Light entertainment legend Sir Bruce Forsyth was rushed to an intensive care unit on Sunday night after being taken ill with a severe chest infection.

According to the MailOnline, the 89-year-old veteran of show business is believed to have returned home following a five day stay in hospital.

In recent years, Sir Bruce has suffered multiple health issues – including a fall in 2015 which saw him rushed to hospital, which was followed by surgery for two life-threatening aneurysms after tests were carried out as a result of his fall.

The Strictly Come Dancing star was taken to St Peter’s hospital in Surrey on Sunday night and taken straight to ICU due to his age and the fact he was suffering with a chest infection.

“Bruce came down with an infection last weekend, and it rapidly escalated into something very, very serious,” a friend of the star told the MailOnline on Thursday.

“Of course, because he is nearly 90, doctors had to take extra precautions and Bruce had to stay in intensive care for a minimum of five nights. Wilnelia was by his bedside virtually the entire time, and has been amazing,” the source added.

Despite his recent bout of ill-health, it has been reported that Sir Bruce is in high spirits, and that his wife, Wilnelia, 59, will care for him upon his return home.

Last November, Bruce’s wife appeared on This Morning to assure fans her husband was recovering after his 2015 surgery.

She explained at the time: “I happened to be with my son Jonathan [when Bruce fell], it was very scary to see him like that, he was very bruised, it was really, really awful

“We wanted to know why he had the fall so they did all the tests but he was fine.

“But then because they couldn’t find anything so the doctor decided to do a full body scan. That’s when they found two aneurysms, one in his abdomen and one near his hip.

“It was really a worry, so we decided to go to for the operation and he’s been recovering since then.”