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Legendary British comedy actor Sir David Jason has written a letter to a family who are holding an Only Fools and Horses themed funeral for the late Keith Drew.
On the 29th May, life-long Only Fools and Horses fan Keith Drew passed away after suffering with myeloid leukaemia. His family decided that a funeral theme of the classic sitcom would be a fitting tribute – this particular service provided by funeral directors, Only Fools and Hearses.




Keith Drew’s daughter, Joanna contacted Sir David Jason’s agent telling him of the funeral that was planned for her father. In response, Jason sent this wonderful letter via email:


The letter is incredibly touching. The well wishes, the mention of Only Fools writer John Sullivan and there also a light hearted reference to one of the episodes in which the Trotter brother bury their Grandad.
“I hope that Friday goes smoothly and that you are all pleased with the fitting tribute paid by your family and friends in your Dad’s memory. If the Vicar is wearing a hat, tell him to keep an eye on it. I am sure your Dad would appreciate that thought”
This quote refers to the episode, Strained Relations where the Trotter brothers bury their Grandad. Del Boy takes the vicar’s hat, believing to be his Grandad’s, and passes it to Rodney to throw in the ground where the coffin will be lowered. Much to his confusion, the vicar goes on to discover his hat is missing: “Has anyone seen my hat?”
Keith Drew’s funeral was held at 12:15 today and he was carried in an adjusted reliant Derek Trotter style van. The Only Fools and Horses theme was played as he entered the crematorium.

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