Sir David Jason is a national treasure in Britain. He did of course portray the role of Derek Trotter, the main character for the UK’s number one sitcom, Only Fools and Horses – that earned him a lot of popularity points. He has however, had a fruitful acting career and has entertained different age groups over five decades. Fans love him for his great acting, but for his fantastic, friendly personality too.

Jason is a private man, by no means a fame seeker. To say he is arguably Britain’s most loved man, we never hear a great deal about him in the press, but when we do, we are gripped by what he has to say.

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Jason is loved by British nation

This article has ten wonderful facts about Jason that may give you more insight in to the legendary actor. They will also probably make you love him even more than you already do..if that is possible.

10. He cares about the welfare of animals

Jason is a patron of the Shark Trust, a United Kingdom registered charity that work to help the conservation of sharks worldwide. With sharks being killed at an alarming rate, the charity want to protect the species which is in risk of becoming extinct.

Here is what Jason has to say about the Shark Trust:

“Sharks are one of our planets oldest inhabitants having been here some four hundred million years, while mankind, natures great destroyers, has only been here a mere two hundred thousand years.

Approximately one hundred million sharks are killed each year, largely to satisfy the demand for shark fin soup and such huge numbers being caught mean that many shark species are facing extinction. Apart from the moral issue the practical one is that we need healthy oceans, and oceans can only remain healthy if marine eco-systems stay in balance, as apex predators sharks are vital components in marine food chains.

The new European law stopping the finning of sharks is vital for the survival of these wonderful and beautiful creatures that are among Earths oldest inhabitants.”

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