Sir David Jason has been accused of racism after misinterpreting a joke once told by the Queen.

The BBC celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday live on television. One of the guests, Sir David Jason was asked about the Queen’s sense of humour as other guest sat beside him.

‘Well, she has always been quite proper really but I do remember seeing a piece of off the cuff television when she was talking to family about an ambassador that came from another country.
‘She said, “Actually I thought that I was talking to a gorilla!”

Presenter Kirsty Young and the other guests laugh but some claim that appears uncomfortable.

People were quick to react on Twitter.
Joe Parlock tweeted, “Managed to get through 3 hours of the Queen’s party on TV, and then David Jason popped up and said something racist. So close, Beeb.”

Paul commented, “Just saw that David Jason thing. Cheerful wee casually racist Royal anecdote Did he hit his head when he fell through the bar? Unreal.”

The actual story that David Jason was referring too was from a documentary about the Royal Family in 1969. The Queen in fact told a story about a diplomat she had met and stated “His arms were like a gorilla’s.” There was no racial reference whatsoever.

It seems the general consensus on Social Media is that David Jason’s story has been taken out of context and there’s been an overreaction.