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It’s the news all fans have been waiting for. After Cat Deeley joined Ant and Dec for the final Saturday Night Takeaway of the series they confirmed they will be reuniting for a 20th anniversary next year saying:

“Lets do something yes”

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2018 marks 20 years since SM:TV Live first aired and it’s fair to say that they MUST do something to mark it. As it happens, Ant (41), Dec (41) and Cat (40) agree with that notion and there is believed to be a reunion on the cards.


“It’s funny, we were talking to somebody about this recently, because it’s 20 years since the launch of SM:TV Live next year,” Ant explained to the press.

Cat, Ant and Dec presenting SM:TV Live | ITV

“So we were saying if there was appetite that we could do an anniversary special or something, and we kind of got carried away with the idea, didn’t we?

“If we did just a one-off, and it had to be 9.25am, with Chums and all that, and get Cat back.”

Dec continued and added more friction to the idea. He said: “We’ve kind of floated it around a few people, getting a straw poll and so far we’ve had some positive responses.”

For those who can’t remember or simply didn’t watch the show, it was Ant & Dec’s first gig, post-PJ and Duncan in Byker Grove. The two Geordies were partnered up with Cat Deeley and the trio became a hit with children and parents alike, though the parents liked it for its slightly naught and anarchic nature.

Features included ‘Wonky Donkey’ and the ever memorable ‘Chums’, which is a parody of hit US sitcom Friends.

When asked if Wonky donkey could make an appearance on Saturday Night Takeaway, Ant explained: “I’d do it! We kind of know them all, I don’t know if I could remember them all.”

Fingers crossed it happens. Below is the original opening title for you to enjoy.