Fans have gone crazy over the return of season 7 of Game of Thrones; 13 months after the finale of season 6 in June 2016.

The new season started with Walder Frey congratulating his men on the mass murder of Season Three. However, fans were left confused by this. Didn’t Ayra slit his throat at the end of season 6? Seemingly, this was just a flashback.

Ayra is on a mission to avenge the Freys as a comeuppance for the Red Wedding Massacre and her sister Sansa teams up with Jon Snow to plot revenge.

Also, Ceresei is still ruler of the seven kingdoms and has even made up her mind to have the map of the realm painted on the castle floor.

If you didn’t know already…Ed Sheeran even makes a cameo in the opener playing a soldier of Lannister. Yes…really!

However, whilst fans have been waiting over 13 months for the broadcast, the American channel HBO decided to crash within the first segment of the episode in last night’s premiere.

Fans of the show aired their views on the premiere on Twitter:

And here is what they thought of the Ed Sheeran cameo: