Stephanie Davis has reportedly suffered a miscarriage just two weeks ago, as doctors told her that it was caused by immense pressure and stress.

The 24-year-old and her on-off partner Jeremy McConnell are currently in the midst of a long court battle at Liverpool Magistrates Court, after he was found guilty of domestic abuse during a row at her home on 10th March.

Making a statement to The Sun, a close friend of Steph commented:

Stephanie suffered a miscarriage two weekends ago due to stress. [She] is devastated that she has lost her baby. Doctors have said it is down to the pressure and stress she has been under lately.

Stephanie has been continually taunted by Jeremy, knowing she was pregnant setting up paparazzi pictures on a date.

“He has hurt her again and again. It was never enough just letting her deal with the circumstances she found herself in, she has had to see him publicly parading a new girl around and trying to mess with her head.

“With all that has gone on the baby was what was keeping her positive and focused.”

The actress announced her heartbreaking news to the world via an Instagram post, which read: “Too loose a child is something I hope no one EVER goes through. The grief and pain is UNBELIEVABLE. Words CANNOT describe. My heart is BROKEN. (sic)”

The pair already have one child together; eight-month old Caben-Albi.

Steph continued: “Evil. He ruined my life and killed our child!and for that I can never forgive him!! He knew I was pregnant and has never ONCE again asked about his unborn child OR asked how caben is, he’s been to busy out on benders and spending money on drink and drugs and getting women to lick his nipples. He’s not paid ANYTHING towards Caben since he was born. He doesn’t care about his child, he was simply a trophy child to him. He was found guilty, for a reason. (sic)”