Steph Davis has been filmed on an alcoholic bender just days after learning of her miscarriage

Stephanie Davis was filmed on a self-destructive alcohol-fuelled bender as she struggled to deal with the pain of her miscarriage.

The devastated actress had learnt she had lost her second child just days before she was filmed – by strangers in Liverpool -looking worse for wear and slurring her words.

The footage begins with the 24-year-old shoeless actress as she dances and kisses a female pal who she drapes herself over.

Later she appears to break face with a male pal who she slaps across the face for an unknown reason, before one of the other group members threaten her over the misdemeanor.

The incident took place on Tuesday, August 4th and was just days after her miscarriage and traumatic week in court testifying against ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell who attacked her in a cocaine-fuelled rampage.

Concerned punter Claire Jane told The Mirror: “She was absolutely bladdered.

“We didn’t recognise or even notice her as the actress Stephanie Davis. At first all we saw was a really drunk woman without shoes.”

She added: “I was so worried I got her in the toilets and she turned into a right state, crying, saying she had ruined her life.

“I was that worried I thought I should call the police because I just didn’t know what to do.”

A friend of Steph’s told The Sun: “The “pressure” of the dire situation with Jeremy and heartbreak over losing her baby was what sent her on the bender”

The whistleblower revealed:

“Steph is devastated that she has lost her baby. Doctors have said it is down to the pressure and stress she has been under lately.

“Stephanie has been continually taunted by Jeremy, knowing she was pregnant setting up paparazzi pictures on a date.

“He has hurt her again and again. It was never enough just letting her deal with the circumstances she found herself in, she has had to see him publicly parading a new girl around and trying to mess with her head.

“With all that has gone on the baby was what was keeping her positive and focused.”