A Take Me Out contestant has recently aired some top secrets behind Paddy McGuiness’ hit ITV dating show.

31 year-old Leanne Rees recently joined the show and has said the opportunity of making her first TV appearance has been a long-time coming.

Explaining the audition process of the show to the Daily Mail online, Leanne said:

“They organised a mini reality show for everyone to play the game a bit with a few other girls. Then you just had to wait for the producers to watch and pick you.

She also claimed the show was filmed last November, but has aired at a later date than usual this year due to The Voice. She went on to say:


“It’s filmed really quickly. There are nine episodes in the show and it’s literally filmed over nine days with one rest day.

“It’s a show a night. We do a rehearsal in the day then film the show in the evening with the live audience.”

On the topic of deciding to leave her light on or off when a guy enters the studio, Leanne said:

“It’s really difficult the first round. You can only judge someone on their looks because that’s all it is.

“You can’t go, ‘You’re ugly,’ or, ‘You’re not my type.’ You’ve got to be nice about it because it took them a lot of guts to come down.”

One of the questions all viewers are dying to know is whether the girls ever catch a glimpse of the guys before the show is filmed. Leanne stated that this isn’t the case:

“The reactions were real, we’d never seen them before, it was the first time. Even after the shows we don’t meet the boys at all, they’re escorted everywhere.”