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Take Me Out viewers were stunned after Harry sensationally rejected his date after verbally choosing her

The Londoner made an impressive start to proceedings after he was left with all 30 lights on upon walking onto the set.

However, after a few rounds of elimination, the museum goer was left with either Cara-Jane or Tasha.

And after making up his mind on who he was going to take to the legendary Isle of Fernando’s, Harry headed over to Cara-Jane.

To which he cheekily quipped: “Shall we go to Fernando’s?”


Cara-Jane was visibly joyful and began clapping her hands as she couldn’t contain her happiness.

However, Harry’s next move left not only host Paddy shocked, but viewers and his future date too.

After appearing to choose Cara-Jane for the Isle of Fernando’s trip, he headed over to a gutted Tasha to switch her light off.

Harry said “sorry” before kissing her on the cheek.

However, all wasn’t what it seemed, as he quickly ran back to Cara-Jane – leaving an excited Tasha’s light on!

Cara-Jane couldn’t contain her shock over the reverse move, while Paddy kept repeating “oh, oh, oh”. 


It wasn’t just the studio who couldn’t get over the shock-twist scenes, as viewers at home took to social media to comment.

One person wrote: “Omg that was BRUTAL #TakeMeOut.”

Another put: “Harry, that was really cruel. #TakeMeOut.”

While a third added: “Harry was OK, right until the end… Dude, make ya damn mind up #TakeMeOut.”

Take a look at the shocking footage below. How would you have reacted?