If you’ve been watching Peter Kay’s hit show Car Share recently, you may have spotted a fairly familiar supermarket appear in some scenes.

Whilst many viewers believed this to be a Tesco store – it was actually its ‘brother’ brand Tecco, which boasts similar signage to the large supermarket chain.

Owner of the Salford shop Gulfar Ahmed says he will continue to trade despite recent plummeting profits.

Tesco itself is facing similar issues.

The large Tesco brand has over 6000 stores worldwide, yet their profits are currently at an 11-year low. Although the well-known company is facing their own difficulties, Ahmed admits his small corner shop is still risk, due to locals preferring to shop at a nearby Tesco store.

Ahmed states that he will never change the name of his similarly sounding corner shop.

“We’ve been here for too long, and everybody knows the shop. We won’t change the name – the only problem with Tesco is they’re open 24 hours, so they’re taking our customers.”

“Some people are coming in and they ask if it’s Tesco, so we say we are a brother to Tesco. I’d say we’re doing better than them at the moment, anyway.”

Did you spot the shop in Car Share?