Tessa Peake-Jones Gives Her Opinion on a Potential Return of Only Fools and Horses

In light of David Jason suggesting a return being possible with the correct writer, former co-star Tessa Peake-Jones disagrees.

Tessa Peake-Jones doesn’t think ‘Only Fools and Horses’ will make a return in the future, now that the screenwriter John Sullivan has died.

Peake-Jones, who portrayed Raquel Turner from 1988-2003 does not believe that Only Fools and Horses will ever make a return to our screens, because it was John Sullivan’s baby and nobody will ever be able to create the chemistry on screen like he did.

Speaking on Loose Women, the actress, who burst onto the Only Fools scene in the Christmas special, Dates.

“No [we couldn’t do another episode without John Sullivan], it was his baby and he was the genius behind it. For all the success it has had really you can only go back, although all the performances are excellent, you’ll have to go back to the writing and the person who created these rich characters.

“I think he’d be really chuffed to know that today that people are watching every night … He wanted it to be for family. He wanted it to be something that everyone can watch together. He would be very chuffed to know it’s still continuing.”

Raquel Turner Tessa Peake-Jones
Raquel Turner | Tessa Peake-Jones

“Your life is going to change now”

The actress never quite realised the popularity of the show until she was unable to walk the streets without being recognised.

She explained: “I’ve never watched it up to that point because I was doing theatre. You don’t really get time to watch telly.

When I walked into the first day for the read through, the script was brilliant …

“One of the actors said your life is going to change now, you won’t be able to go on the tube. I thought, I’ve always been on the tube. I’m a London girl;I didn’t learn to drive until I’m 30; I’m certainly not giving up the tube. I didn’t realise that when it came out on Christmas Day that 24-25 million people would be watching.”

Tessa’s most recent role is in Grantchester, but the 59-year old actress is still asked about Only Fools and Horses.

“Only Fools and Horses’ never stops because it’s on extra channels. It’s like it’s continuing with us and we get new fans – youngsters – writing in all the time.”

The Only Fools actress claims that she’d love to keep in touch with her former co-stars, but unfortunately they all live in different parts of the country and often their schedules do not allow for it.

“Gwyneth [Who played Cassandra] and I are good friends. We still keep in touch. I think we all would but everyone is busy and live in different parts of the country so it’s hard to keep up.”

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