The 90s was an incredible time for Gaming. Many of us will look back at this decade and will be able to talk for hours about the great memories the games provided. When you consider the fantastic consoles that were released during this time such as the Sega Mega Drive and the Sony PlayStation, we really were lucky to been able to indulge in such classics from Streets of Rage, to Metal Gear Solid.

How any of these classic games did you actually play though? Did you complete the best of the best games and did you do the great little things that so many 90s gamers will be able to relate to? Below are 20 different elements that were a big part of 90s gaming. If you managed to do all 20 of these we will be surprised as there is so much variation. However, even if you simply answer yes to 15 or more of these questions then you really are a 90s Gaming hero! Good luck!

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