1. We’ll start off easy. What is Partridge’s middle name?


2. Alan has an estranged wife and two children. What are their names?

Carol, Denise and Fernando

3. Whose orchestra composes the soundtrack to the chat show Knowing Me Knowing You?

Glenn Ponder

4. Which guest was shot live on Knowing Me Knowing You forcing the show to come to a shameful end?

Forbes McAllister

5. In the 1995 TV short Alan Patridge’s Country Rambling, whose country estate is Alan ‘rambling’ next to?

Mike Oldfield

6. In the 1997 episode of I’m Alan Partridge titled Alan Attraction, receptionist Jill returns to the Peartree Productions office to find all the staff have left. Where does Alan say they’ve gone?

Longstanton Spice Museum

7. Which piece of music does Alan claim will “knock your socks off” during his date with Jill?

Gaudete, by Steeleye Span

8. Following the date, Alan dumps Jill live on air with a poorly-masked monologue that forms part of which radio feature?

Alan’s Love Butt

9. Some ill-judged comments on his radio show lead Alan to become public enemy number one with the farming community. What does he suggest the local Farmers’ Union head has eaten for breakfast?

An infected spinal cord in a bap

10. What item does Alan tell the estate agent to get rid of whilst he views his “five bedroom b****** house”?

Rinser sink

11. BBC exec Chris Feather is introduced to Alan by chief commissioning editor Tony Hayers how?

He’s just revamped our current affairs

12. What is Alan looking to borrow from mourners at Tony Hayers’ funeral?

A battery for an Ericsson

13. What was the cause of Tony Hayers’ death?

He fell off a roof

14. At the end of the first series of I’m Alan Partridge, Alan and Lynne are clearing up the remains of a catastrophic party in his hotel room. What music do they put on as they work?

The theme from Black Beauty

15. “I gorged on Toblerone and drove to Dundee in my bare feet” Alan says in Series 2 as he recalls when he suffered a breakdown. What car did he drive to Dundee in?

Vauxhall Vectra

16. Alan threatens his old school rival Phil Wiley with which implement after an unpleasant encounter at a petrol station?

An extremely hot apple turnover

17. ‘Dante’s of Reading’ ask Alan to present a sales conference for them. What product do they supply?

Coal-effect fires and fireplaces

18. After getting himself locked out of Chorister’s on the way into the conference, Alan pierces his foot on a spike, prompting Lynne to offer to present in his place. How does Alan reject her request?

You couldn’t present a cat

19. What is the name of the shop that is run by Dan, who Alan befriends at the BP garage in the episode Brave Alan?

Kitchen Planet

20. Their friendship turns sour when Alan and Lynne find out that Dan and his wife are swingers. How does Lynne inform them she’s not interested in joining in?

No thanks, I don’t want to be part of your sex festival

21. Alan takes an instant dislike to Michael’s new American-obsessed friend in the episode Never Say Alan Again. What is this friend’s name?


22. In the same episode, Alan declares himself “Norfolk’s maddest man”. What prompts him to do this?

His planned James Bond marathon is ruined by a combination of Sunny Delight and America’s Strongest Man

23. Alan gets very nervous about the arrival of two Inland Revenue inspectors. What song does he play air bass to in order to break the tension?

Everyday Chameleons, by Gary Numan

24. During their interrogation of Alan about his tax affairs, he breaks wind while placing his feet above his head. How does he later account for it?

Mostly deliberate

25. Which phrase is Alan criticised for including too much in his autobiography?

Needless to say, I had the last laugh