We have done a lot of 90s football themed tests on It’s Gone Viral but they tend to be focused on the Premier League. For a change, we have gone international and focused on the great tournament of Euro 96. In this one, there are 25 pictures of players and simply see if you can name them. It is quite a tough one so if you score anything over 19, you have done brilliant.

There are five questions per page. The page automatically reloads.

Good luck and share to challenge your friends when you are done to see if they can do as well as you.

Take the Euro 96 players test

Before you take the test you may be interested in these 5 Euro 96 facts.

  1. Three Lions was not the official anthem – it was in fact Simply Red’s We’re in this together. Three Lions was so good though that it became the main song! It was not number one though however during the tournament – The Fugees’ Killing Me Softly was!
  2. Switzerland got to Euro 96 thanks to Roy Hodgson.
  3. Czech Republic were 17 minutes from winning the tournament. Patrick Berger scored a 73rd minute penalty but then Germany had a certain striker called Oliver Bierhoff.
  4. Denmark won Euro 92 but could not even qualify from their group in 96!
  5. Newcastle’s Steve Howey was there, he just did not play!