The Bill is set to make a return seven years after it was axed it has been revealed

The cop show first hit screens in October 1984 after a one-off drama a year before titled Woodentop proved popular. The Bill was the second longest-running police procedural television series in the United Kingdom, and among the longest running of any British television series. The title originates from “Old Bill”, a slang term for the police.

Now, in 2017 the show is set to make a comeback on Drama from the very start, brining all of the memories flooding back for those who remember when it first aired all those years ago.

The Bill | Solent

Adrian Wills, General Manager of the Drama channel, said: “The Bill is one of the most loved and recognisable TV dramas of the last 30 years, so we are delighted to bring back this iconic show from the beginning in 2017 for our viewers to enjoy all over again.

“It is fantastic to celebrate the occasion with this exciting reunion of the brilliant cast members.”

The Bill will air from 12 noon on weekdays from August 14 on the Drama channel.

Upon the announcement of the return of the show to screens, a group of the original cast met up and posed for photos in front of a classic Vauxhall police car

The Bill boasts more than 2,400 episodes and will be broadcast one after the other, weekdays on Drama. The stint looks set to run for around 14 months from start to finish, with the station likely to show repeats in the meantime at different time of the day and to start the show from the beginning once all of the episodes have been broadcast.