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Gladiators 1992 cast | ITV

Gladiators: Where are they now?

Everybody loved ITV’s Gladiators, which originally aired on a Saturday night in the 90’s. Gladiators featured favourites, with the beautiful Jet, fantastic Shadow and terrifying Wolf the hook for viewers to continually tune in.

For those of you who are too young to remember one of the best TV shows ever made, here’s the original 1992 intro to the show – this should get your hearts pumping!

Gladiators is a UK television programme, broadcast on ITV in the 1990’s. The show is a spin-off from the original series, which broadcast in the United States from 1989.

The UK version, which is definitely better, was hosted by Former-Premier League footballer, John Fashanu and Swedish born presenter, Ulrika Jonsson. John Anderson refereed proceedings with John Sachs behind the microphone, commentating.

The original cast featured favourites, such as Jet, Panther, Scorpio, Lightning, Cobra, Saracen, Shadow and of course, Wolf.

We’ve tracked down the performers and have compiled a gallery of what they looked like in 1992 and what they look like today, with what they’re up too nowadays. Click the link below to view the full gallery.

Gladiators Gallery