Gladiators: Cobra
Gladiators: Cobra

Please excuse the rather *ahem* revealing header photo on this one.

Cobra, played by Michael Wilson took the room by storm when he appeared in the original Gladiators series. He had a background in boxing, kick-boxing, martial arts and bodybuilding he was exceptionally well-equipped for the show.

Wilson was initially a contestant on the show, but was promoted to Gladiator when the producers realised they needed two more Gladiators for the series – just hours before the first recording took place.

Michael Wilson now works as a motivational speaker in schools and youth clubs, spreading good vibes and telling people they ‘can do it’. Great work!


Gladiators: Shadow
Gladiators: Shadowh

Jefferson King performed as Shadow from 1992 until around 1994, when he was axed over a Steroid scandal.

Shadow was a superb performer and practically walked his way through the show, effortlessly. It all changed when he was axed after series 3 due to steroid usage. King’s life and career took a dive, with his marriage breaking down after a mistress exposed him to the press.

King appeared in the Spice Girls movie before succumbing to drug abuse once more and finding himself in jail – multiple times.

Most recently King, now in his mid-fifties, has rebuilt his life and now works at a drug rehabilitation clinic.

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