Gladiators: Lightning
Gladiators: Lightning

Similar to Cobra, Lighting was initially a contestant, but was promoted when the producers realised they were two Gladiators short for the series to commence.

Kim Betts competed as Lightning from start to finish, a full eight season and it’s easy to see why she was a fan favourite.

After finishing on Gladiators, the pin-up beauty spent 15-years working in property development and also managed businesses including a fishery and beauty parlour.

Nowadays, Betts keeps a low profile, living on a farm with her husband and children.


Gladiator: Saracen
Gladiator: Saracen

Michael Lewis fulfilled the role of Saracen in Gladiators and performed against his now wife on the first series.

Both the couple applied to become Gladiators, with Lewis being successful and wife Chrissie being chosen as a contender.

Lewis, before Gladiators, was a firefighter. He went back to this role after finishing with the Saturday-night entertainment show, upon completing the whole eight series.

Michael Lewis continues his training to this day and appeared on Ninja Warrior UK in 2015, not long after retiring from the fire service.

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