As with any talent show, the X Factor has had its fair share of weird and crazy contestants over the years. Since it began in 2004, the ITV show has created stars such as Leona Lewis, One Direction and Little Mix, but equally there have been a couple of wannabe stars that you simply wonder why they auditioned.

Here’s a look back at what some of those memorable contestants are doing now and what they look like…


X Factor Then and Now: Chico

What time is it? It’s Chico time! It was the lyric that captivated the nation in 2005 when Chico, real name Yousseph Slimani, competed in the X Factor and made it all the way to week eight in the live shows, despite Simon Cowell proclaiming “that was just awful.” He would even go on to have a number one hit with the catchy tune.

Unfortunately, none of the singer’s music after that was much of a success, and the Welshman was left with an appearance on Dancing On Ice in 2012 as well as a number of pantomime roles. Now 46, Chico is currently a fitness instructor and runs workout classes all over the country for Blockfit – sometimes to the tune of his own songs (of course!).

Frankie Cocozza

Unlike Ariel, Frankie Cocozza was actually a pretty good singer when he auditioned aged 18 in 2011, but it was his lifestyle outside of the programme that made him pretty controversial – a sign of things to come was at his audition when Frankie revealed that he had had three girls’ names tattooed on his bum whilst holiday. He did however, make it all the way to the live shows, before withdrawing in week six due to controversies off stage.

I suppose it was almost inevitable that Frankie would then turn up on Celebrity Big Brother, which he did the following year, only losing out to Denise Welch in the final. However, he is now back producing music as the lead singer of pop-rock band ‘The Telescreen’, whilst also has a much more mature look with a free flowing head of hair.

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