Prime Minister Theresa May has made an announcement this morning that there will be a snap General Election on June 8th, 2017.

News broke of the announcement earlier on, with This Morning host Eamonn Holmes explaining live on air that their show may be interrupted.

Speaking to viewers he said: “Just to know that things as we schedule them today may change, because we’re hearing from Downing Street that the Prime Minister is going to make a big announcement at 11:15.

“What that may be, we’re not sure. Early indication, could this be Theresa May calling a general election. We know that there’s also talk that she may have health problems – would she be standing down?

“All of that is just speculation at this point”.

Appearing outside number ten, in similar fashion to how her predecessor, David Cameron did when he stepped down, May announced that there will be a snap General Election with a view to quell the political chitter-chatter and prove that her party are able to get the job done and that still has the backing of the majority.

Theresa May | BBC

The news comes just weeks after Article 50 was officially triggered, signalling the start of Great Britain leaving the EU after 2016’s vote, which saw 52% vote for leave, outweighing the 48% remain camp.

The news that the Prime Minister was to make the announcement came as a shock to everybody and Twitter saw a huge traffic surge with people asking what was going on. Even the BBC had no idea as they scrambled cameras down to the location ready for May to appear.

Talking to her opposite political parties, May said: “You have challenged our objectives, you have threatened to block legislation. This is your time to show you mean it. Let’s vote for a General Election tomorrow”