Theresa May
Theresa May and member of the public | Twitter

It seems that Theresa May’s trip to Bolton didn’t go down too well with some of the residents – and one particular man took his disapproval to the next level by jumping out of his car to confront the Prime Minister.

As her police-escorted Jaguar travelled through the streets of the Greater Manchester town, one member of the public jumped out of his own car to make his feelings clear to the Conservative party leader, who recently made an announcement that a snap General Election will be taking place on the 8th June this year.

Theresa May with Russian leader, Vladimir Putin | Image: Wikimedia

Whilst many Brits accept the decision, despite not agreeing with the reasoning behind it, this one guy thought he’d make the current Prime Minister aware of his opposing thoughts.

Daniel Hewitt caught the action and posted it to his Twitter account. Want to see the clip? Check out the video below!