Back in 2013, outspoken media personality Katie Hopkins appeared on ITV magazine show, This Morning and within three days the footage had gone global.

Katie is known for her outspoken rants and unpopular opinion on pretty much everything. But during an exchange on the morning magazine show hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, the Daily Mail writer met her match.

It began when Katie claimed it was acceptable to judge children based on their names and began reeling off a list of children who she wouldn’t let her children play with, purely based upon their name.

The blonde former Apprentice star criticised names like Tyler, Charmaine and Chardonnay for being lower class.

“I think you can tell a great deal from a name,” said mother-of-three Katie, 42. “For me, there’s certain names that I hear and I think “urgh”. 

“For me, a name is a shortcut of finding out what class a child comes from and makes me ask: “Do I want my children to play with them?”

“When I hear screeched across the playground: “Tyler! Come back ‘ere.” It’s the Tylers, the Charmains the Chantelles, the Chardonnays,”.

However later in the interview, Hopkins began dismissing names relating to geographical locations, which is where Phillip shut her down in her tracks.

The Oldham-born silver fox correctly stated: “Your child’s called India”, leaving Hopkins flapping before responding with “It isn’t related to a location” – which Phil returned with: “India isn’t a location?”. 

Katie, with her heckles well and truly up, then proceeded to defend her daughter’s name by responding: “India is a very lovely name for a very lovely child”, which sent Holly into a laughing fit of disbelief at what she was hearing.

Upon the video being released and uploaded to YouTube, it generated more than three million views overnight with many users saving and re-uploading the footage across multiple platforms.

It is unknown how many times the video has been viewed today in total, but it continually pops up on social media for all to see. Take a look at the full exchange below.